The Getting Stuff Done in Magento 2 e-Book Series

This pages summarizes the planned volumes in a series of books I have started on “Getting Stuff Done with Magento 2”, available on Kindle. (For iOS and Android devices there is a free Kindle reader app; there is also a browser based “cloud” reader as well.) The goal is to provide another perspective on Magento 2 development from the official product documentation at

I am writing this series in my spare time in the evenings, separate to my day job. This means progress is likely to be slow. Another activity that has taken up a fair bit of time is defining a Docker container to simplify learning and development with Magento 2 – see Running Magento 2 on Docker for more information.

Sample files for the book series can be found at

Currently I am planning on the following volumes in the series. This is list is non-binding.

  1. Magento 2 Primer – a general introduction to Magento and background reading for other volumes. This volume has breadth, not depth.
  2. Theme Web Page Assets – HTML, CSS, and simple JavaScript for Themes, written for non-PHP front end developers.
  3. Theme Layout files and UI Components – for non-PHP front end developers, but digging into more advanced concepts. UI Components involve going deeper into JavaScript.
  4. Building simple stores using themes (previous volumes) and extensions from the Magento Marketplace, then getting it deployed in production.
  5. PHP for Magento developers – a crash course on PHP for programmers, focusing on language features and style relevant to programming in Magento 2.
  6. Domain and Service Layers – persistence, business logic, REST and SOAP integration.
  7. Presentation Layer – controllers, blocks, etc.
  8. Deployment and Configuration – Varnish, Redis, memcached, etc services.
  9. Commerce Concepts – exploring key module service contracts around concepts such as browsing products, cart, checkout, and shipping.
  10. Omnichannel Commerce – expanding the vision to the newer products in the Magento product range.

If you have topics of particular interest, feel free to leave a comment for consideration.

For other related pages, see the “Book” menu at the top right of this page.


  1. Tony Gilkerson · · Reply

    Great work. I am using your “alankent/gsd” docker image for development and that is going well however the magento version is old. Do you plan to rebuild this image with an updated mangento? I tried to rebuild from your docker files and just had to many issues. Thanks for this work it is a great help.

    1. I have been working on a Magento DevBox version that is similar to help with Magento U training, but was waiting for answers to DevBox problems before publishing it. So yes, plan to, but its not available yet sorry.

      1. Tony Gilkerson · ·

        Is DevBox for Mac or Windows only? I really like your linux option, I run on Digital Ocean droplets (linux only). Thanks for your reply.

      2. Cladding Linux too is on roadmap for devbox

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