Monthly Archives: June 2014

Magento 2 Testing, Testing, and more Testing

Improving Test Automation is one of the key goals for Magento 2. Test automation can help improve the quality of code, find introduced bugs earlier, reduce release overheads making more frequent releases possible, and so on. In the modern day world of software development, I doubt any serious project does not include at least some test automation as a […]

Magento 2 LESS versus SASS Decision

Magento 2 natively incorporates LESS, a CSS pre-processor that simplifies the management of complex CSS files. This post explains the decision behind Magento 2 selecting LESS over SASS. (Spoiler: LESS and SASS are very similar but there were good quality LESS pre-processors implemented in PHP when we had to commit for Magento 2, with none yet stable for SASS.) Acknowledgement: Thanks to @VasiliySeleznev for lots of background […]

Magento 2 Store Front Customization Overview with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In this article I describe envisaged strategies that site developers would use to customize the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of a Magento store front, and then how Magento 2 is being reworked internally to support these strategies. I am not going to deep dive on any particular aspect of such development. I am also going to […]

Magento 2 Dependency Injection: The M2 way to replace API implementations

A part of making Magento 2 have less issues with extension conflicts is to use better technologies to replace parts of a Magento site. By defining standard APIs to talk to different subsystems (see my previous post on the new Magento 2 Service Layer and Modularization) it becomes much easier to swap in and out different implementations. Dependency […]