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DLNA–what is it? First steps on a path to wisdom…

I am looking at DLNA to work out if I can use it as a sensible alternative to a HDMI matrix + HDMI extenders. This article I found contained a nice overview of DLNA that I could understand.  There is of course the DLNA web site – but I have not found that site so […]

Distributing HDMI sources (DVD etc) to multiple destinations (TVs)

In my ongoing quest for a decent AV set up at home, one of the approaches is to distribute HDMI output of various devices out to other rooms.  This post is a quick list of technologies in this area (certainly not definitive!) HDMI extenders are used to send HDMI signals over longer distances if a […]

Remote Controls

In my quest for a simple but decent home AV solution, one of the issues that keeps coming up is the remote control.  The more input sources you have (DVD, VCR, etc), the more remotes you may need to have to control it all.  More remote makes things harder (more confusing) to use – or […]

HDMI Extender–sending Foxtel HDMI output to bedroom over Cat-5 network cable

One approach to distributing AV around the house is to use HDMI.  HDMI cables however have a length limit.  15m for the higher quality cables (according to Wikipedia), but I have heard others saying more like 5m.  There are different HDMI distribution technologies like splitters and matrixes that I might write up separately, but my […]

My Dream–Easy to use, minimal wires, multi-sources watched from multiple TVs

I am not a HiFi or AV buff.  I just want to be able to watch TV with a decent setup.  My goals are: Must be able to watch from family room then later go and watch in bedroom Must be able to watch Foxtel (pay TV) from at least these two rooms, including changing […]

Foxtel IQ Remote as Universal Remote

Well, I have had a Foxtel IQ box for ages, and I only just discovered that the remote can act as a universal remote!  It has lots of pre-programmed settings for TVs, DVDs, and amplifiers.  But its also a learning remote so you can program it up to control almost anything! I have a Samsung […]

Watching TV – How hard can it be?

I have been trying to work out the best way to get the TVs set up at home.  New standards have come along, such as DLNA, but I still have an existing DVD library of kids DVDs that I would love to be able to get onto a hard disk so the kids cannot scratch […]