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Team Magento @

Want to make a difference? I have written a few posts on using Magento for Charities (I had planned to do more), but I came across a different approach relevant more for those in the Magento community. Why not support Team Magento set up by  @gxjansen on Kiva? What is Kiva? is a site that makes […]

Magento for Charities – Grouped Products and Cross Sells

I previously wrote about how in Magento Virtual Products would work well for a site supporting a school in Africa. Supporters (“Customers” in Magento retail terminology) can donate (“buy”) towards a selected item such as “pens and pencils” for a student. Grouped products go a little further. As well as listing several individual items on your […]

Building a School in India, and the Indiegogo platform

Looking for a hosted solution to raising funds?  I just came across  I am going to keep writing on how Magento can build a web site for raising funds, but you should definitely consider whether you can just leverage an existing platform. How did I come across this particular platform?  From Dean Nelson (VP @ […]

eBay Small Business Challenge Non-profit edition Austin Tx

I came across this YouTube video talking about some great work from the eBay Austin TX office.  Nice! “eBay Inc. employees spend 10% of their time over 6 months working with Austin non-profits. Employees brought technical, business analysis, program management, and marketing skills to partner with 6 Austin non-profits.” There were a few other related […]

Magento for Charities – Virtual Products

In a previous post (Charity Site Design Considerations) I described a few patterns I had seen for charity or not-for-profit sites. My favorite sites listed specific items that supporters could choose to fund. I was curious to see how Magento could be used to support such sites, so this is the first of a few […]

Charity Site Design Considerations

In this post I describe aspects I like and dislike about different charity / not-for-profit web sites.  In follow up posts I will describe how Magento can be used to support such functionality. Apart from my normal disclaimer about working for eBay and Magento and PayPal are a part of eBay, I wanted to add […]

Technologies for Nonprofits

I am going to write up a few posts on ways in which Magento (an open source web store written in PHP) can be used as a site to support a not-for-profit site – such as a school in a developing country. I will base these posts on the free Magento Community Edition. This series […]

Support a Charity with your Magento Store

So you have a Magento web store that you use to sell goods, but you would like to also support a charity or other not-for-profit?  Why not allow you customers to donate to the cause from your web store? When selecting a cause or causes to support, think about whether the demographics for your store […]