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How I use my Digital Capturx Pen

I have a particular way I work with a standard pen and notebook.  With my work I meet with lots of people.  I frequently have questions I need answers for, and want to collect them for the next meeting.  I also have my own action items, as well as notes I keep for important meetings.  […]

Capturx with Microsoft OneNote versus LiveScribe – First Impressions

[Editor’s note Oct 2013: This article was originally written July 2012.  LiveScribe have released a new pen with WiFi support and EverNote integration. I have not looked closely at this new LiveScribe pen, but a quick look makes it seem like pen is getting more solid on the software front. I still don’t find the […]

The End of LiveScribe App Development

Well, I must say I am not particular surprised, but LiveScribe seem to be giving up on an app store with third party app development.  They instead seem to be putting more into integrating with other popular systems (like EverNote).  At least they are planning to keep the store around for developers who have built […]

Taken down “Links for LiveScribe Developers” Page

Housekeeping item:  I have taken down one of my most popular pages – “Links for LiveScribe Developers”.  The page was getting out dated and I don’t plan to keep it up to date.  I think the information there is not that useful given its age now.  I suspect it was visited a lot based on […]

Restarting LiveScribe Penlets Quickly

This post is a rework of my response to this thread in the LiveScribe forums. When developing an app, I have a frequent (maybe a little *too* frequent in some cases) edit/compile/deploy/start-app/test cycle.  The nav cross can be used to start an app.  You double tap on the cross, then tap the down and right […]

Unit tests with LiveScribe Penlets

Unit tests are of course really useful to make sure your code works and continues to work. I use JUnit for writing unit tests, but if you throw them into your ‘src’ directory, they get bundled into the penlet itself!  Not very desirable. Having a quick look at the ant script invoked to deploy a […]

LiveScribe Penlets and buttons, dynamic regions, and AreaIds

A common thing for a LiveScribe pen penlet (pen application) to do is require the user to draw a button that they can later tap on.  Its sort of funky in a way – making the printed page “active”.  The standard “piano” application is one example of this (tap notes to play a tune) and […]

LiveScribe penlet timers

This is a quick post on timers in a LiveScribe pen penlet (pen application).  I had asked in the forums about how to track the pen position as it moved across the page.  The following is my take on the response I got. Sample Code In this case, I am going to start with code […]

LiveScribe Penlet accepting input using states

A common question that comes up on the forum is how to wait for user input.  The answer is Penlets don’t wait for more input – they react to events. (The following post is a massaged version of this thread on the forums.) Consider a simple penlet where you want to ask the user to […]

MIDI on the LiveScribe pen

I originally thought the LiveScribe pen could only play one note at a time. However, what I did not realize at the time was the pen supports JSR-135, which is a MIDI interface. MIDI is how computers can talk to devices like digital pianos, keyboards, drum kits etc. Using MIDI, chords can be played on […]