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Musings about 5G and AR

This is a late Friday afternoon rambling on possible directions for ecommerce. No deep research, just daydreaming. Did you know 5G is coming? Really? Okay, so actually there is a lot of coverage already. There is a slight problem however, lack of quality devices and demand. This is where news/leaks from Apple become more interesting. […]

iPhone apps for preschool children

Some time back I moved all my reviews to a dedicated site, A Touch of Learning. Later I posted app suggestions using chomp. I have two young boys that are precious and a lot of work. A friend once described children as “very”. Very tiring, very hard work, very rewarding. (You can add your own […]

Chomp – iphone app reviews

I came across Chomp, an iPhone app for reviewing apps. It’s a social networking app where you review apps, then you can recommendations for apps that may be of interest based on your likes ands dislikes. I am giving it a go with reviews for apps for young kids. See for my reviews to […]

iPhone as a home theatre remote control?

RedEye and iRed2 seem to be appropriate consumer products where an iPhone can be used to control IR devices such as DVD players, Foxtel IQ, WDTV Live, etc.

iPhone versus Blackberry for email via IMAP

I have an iPhone, not a Blackberry.  I have always heard “the Blackberry is great for email” – better than the iPhone. Well, I must say if you are hooking up to an IMAP account, the iPhone kills the Blackberry in my opinion.  I may be biased as I have been recently exploring various IMAP […]

Can you make money on Blackberry or iPhone apps?

Lots of people ask the question – can you make money writing apps for smart phones like the iPhone and Blackberry?  There are certainly stories of great successes, but many more of disappointment.  An app is written, released, great reviews are written, and the sales don’t come. It has been interesting trying to develop and […]

New site for iPhone reviews for young children –

Just a quick note – I have moved the iPhone reviews I was doing to a separate blog available from I have moved all the existing reviews over there and started adding new reviews. I am going to keep this personal blog for other misceallenous stuff.

iPhone preschooler app review – Wheels on the Bus

The “Wheels on the Bus” interactive book is a high quality book for young children. However, for some reason, Big-T (my 3yo boy) does not enjoy it! Go figure.

iPhone preschooler app review – Animal Farm

A good little iPhone game for young children that has photos of animals, sounds, a learning mode, and a quiz mode.

iPhone preschooler app review – I Hear Ewe

A quality iPhone game for preschool children (toddlers up) to teach them animal sounds.