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Procedural Justice

One of my favorite books is called “Blue Ocean Strategy”.  It is a marketing book on how to position strategies, but fun to read because of all the examples. From Chapter 8: ›Social scientists John W. Thibaut and Laurens Walker combined interest of psychology of justice with the study of process ›Created: Procedural Justice ›- […]

Innovation without Execution is Futile

A few weeks back I blogged on Quality and Process Drive Execution and Innovation. When I went back to read it again, I realized I did not express the relationship between Execution and Innovation quite right. At the end of last year during the eBay leaders week, one session struck me in particular. Devin Wenig (President […]

Fail Fast and Agile

“Fail Fast” can be a really useful technique.  There is a Wikipedia description and a famous software engineering article.  But I am going to talk here about “fail fast” with respect to Agile. In “The Art of Agile Development” there is a chapter on Fail Fast.  It starts out It may seem obvious, but failure […]

Quality and Process Drive Execution and Innovation

Personally, I am a big believer in quality.  I am also a big believer in process.  Why?  I think both improve execution speed (which translated means getting to do more of the fun stuff).  How does it help? Quality: A concept I like is Shu-Ha-Ri. It is from Karate and talks about when to follow […]


What does it take to put accountability into practice in an organization?  I was refreshing my memory with staff performance review season coming up again.  Clear accountability can help organizational efficiency.  I think there is always benefit in defining clearer expectations up front (even though this will take effort) and with better measurement of progress […]

What I Like about Poker Planning

Poker planning is one scheme often used in Scrum or other Agile methodologies as a way of helping to estimate tasks in a sprint. The way I used it was to get the sprint team together (the people who will do work in the sprint), for them to come up with a proposed list of […]


I repeat myself a lot. I tend to say the same thing in multiple places. I even tend to say the same thing to the same people. But it’s usually because I really believe it. (Hopefully it is not a sign of short term memory loss!) Recently I have found myself repeating a phrase and […]