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Cluster Control with Etcd and Docker

Adding and removing hosts for live multi-server sites is a lot easier with technology such as Docker and etcd. Docker containers make it easy to create a template for a new server that you want to spin up, such as a new web server, but you have to connect all the servers together by configuration files when you […]

Docker, Distributed Systems, and Why it Matters to Magento (Part 2)

In Part 1 I talked about the reasons behind why I believe a Docker based distributed Magento installation makes sense. In this post I continue with how it could work and some of the problems to overcome. Hosting Provider Images Getting onto a hosted solution, it is easy to get an Ubuntu or similar distribution […]

Docker, Distributed Systems, and Why it Matters to Magento (Part 1)

Docker is a really interesting technology for scaling Magento installations. Docker is standardizing the way to ship application functionality. It goes further than having an installer and setting up a machine with an operating system, the application, and all the configuration settings by providing a way to package all that configuration into a single “container” […]

Magento 2 Demo on Docker and Panamax

I had a question – is Docker useful to demonstrate Magento 2 progress? Magento 2 updates are pushed weekly to GitHub so the code is available, but is it useful making it easier for people to run the code? In practice what may be of more interest showing the installation steps used, knowing that they […]

Installing Panamax on CoreOS (Quick Note)

Panamax can install in Virtual box but can also install directly on CoreOS instances. The main site does not include direct CoreOS installs as part of the standard installation. It is however explained on the wiki. Here are the commands I used (stealing from my previous sequence of commands for cygwin). core@coreos$ mkdir ~/.panamax core@coreos$ cd ~/.panamax core@coreos$ curl […]

Cloud and High Availability Blog Post (Quick Note)

There was a recent Cloud Foundry post talking about different levels of High Availability (HA) support in different PaaS offerings. Of course their solution was great and the competitor’s was not. It came across pretty salesy upon first read. I clicked through to another post on the four levels of HA they support. That came across a […]

Thoughts on Developing Docker Images (Quick Note)

In Optimizing Docker Images there is a discussion on saving disk space when developing images. This is good stuff to be aware of. But I think there is another reason to consider reducing the number of commands in a Dockerfile which is to help with testing during development. I am coming to the personal opinion that […]