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Thoughts on Developing Docker Images (Quick Note)

In Optimizing Docker Images there is a discussion on saving disk space when developing images. This is good stuff to be aware of. But I think there is another reason to consider reducing the number of commands in a Dockerfile which is to help with testing during development. I am coming to the personal opinion that […]

Cygwin TERM type and ssh-ing to Linux (quick note)

I have been playing with Docker recently from my Windows based laptop. This means a lot more ssh-ing around the place than normal. Using Cygwin has been a help for consistency (shell scripts work on both), but when I ssh in, the TERM variable is set to “cygwin” which the Linux instances I was using does not understand. I […]

Playing with Docker, CoreOS and Panamax on Windows

Panamax got announced today as a Human Friendly way to manage Docker. If you follow the links in the article you can find installation instructions for Mac OS and Ubuntu pretty easily. But I run Windows on my laptop. Here is how I got it going in case useful to anyone else. I had Vagrant, Docker, and […]

Docker Containers – Better and Faster Virtualization

Last post I looked at Vagrant. This post I look at Docker. I started dubious about a Linux only solution, but the more I looked, the more I liked. I think Docker will be big. Docker Docker allows you to define light weight application containers based on Linux cgroups (controller groups). For example, you might […]

Vagrant Cloud Deployment First Impressions with OpenStack

Vagrant describes itself as a tool to create VM based development environments, allowing it to be shared between developers. By default it sets up a local VirtualBox instance, although through an extensible set of providers it can also be used to create VMs in various clouds. eBay internally has a private cloud based on OpenStack. This article […]