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Determining Marketplace Package Names

With Magento Marketplace, you can purchase extensions and have them added to your personal Magento Marketplace Composer repository, hosted at https://repo.magento.com. Using this repository you can access all Composer packages you have permission to access. This includes all CE packages, possibly EE packages (if you have a license), and any specific extensions you have purchased. […]

M2 Project Source Code Management Recommendation

In this post I describe the proposed Magento 2 recommendation for managing the source code of a Magento 2 project. Proposed, because this is my unofficial blog; recommendation, because there is no requirement to follow this approach. But I have some more blogs coming shortly that assume this approach. tl;dr: We ship a ‘.gitignore’ file […]

Magento 2 and Composer Authentication

“Why has the Composer repo got password protection? Don’t they know this is open source?” In case it is not clear to all, here is why. Improving the Merchant Experience Magento CE is open source – anyone can grab the code from GitHub. The password on the Composer repository is not to stop that. Magento […]

Magento 2 Progress Towards Installation via Composer

With the latest GitHub push, Magento 2 can now be downloaded and installed completely using Composer! (Composer is a PHP package manager similar in concept to Maven for Java developers.) This represents a nice milestone in Magento 2’s Composer support. This is by no means the end of the Composer work – more work is in progress. […]