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PBS Child Development Tracker

This post contains a summary of the PBS child development tracker web site. It contains per age group from 1 to 8 years old, the typical developmental stage of the child.

iPhone preschooler app review – Wheels on the Bus

The “Wheels on the Bus” interactive book is a high quality book for young children. However, for some reason, Big-T (my 3yo boy) does not enjoy it! Go figure.

iPhone preschooler app review – Animal Farm

A good little iPhone game for young children that has photos of animals, sounds, a learning mode, and a quiz mode.

iPhone preschooler app review – I Hear Ewe

A quality iPhone game for preschool children (toddlers up) to teach them animal sounds.

iPhone preschooler app review – Cow Tipping

A review of Cow Tipping, a very simple app for the iPhone. It may amuse some children, but not mine for long.

iPhone preschooler app review – Crazy Mouth

A review of the iPhone app “Crazy Mouth” for preschool children. Quite fun, but questionable educational value.

iPhone preschooler app review – Shape Builder

Shape Builder is a quality educational jigsaw puzzle like game for preschoolers on your iPhone. I give it 9 out of 10.

iPhone Games for Preschoolers – other sites with recommendations

Sites Here are links to what I think are the better sites relevant to young children I have found so far.  Feel free to suggest extra ones! A Touch of Learning – I have moved my personal reviews to this new dedicated site. Doodaddy – a short list of suggested games. Travel Savy Mom – […]