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Webhooks in Magento 2

This post explores a short term approach for implementing a webhook in Magento 2. Better support for webhooks is on the backlog, but currently not guaranteed for Magento 2 GA. So what is a webhook? Put simply, it is when software can be configured to send a HTTP request to a configurable destination (URL) when […]

Why I Prefer Constructor Injection over Setter or Property Injection

Magento 2 uses constructor injection as a part of the move towards dependency injection. This is a quick post on why I personally believe constructor injection is the best approach. And to give appropriate credit, it was the core team and individuals like Anton Kril that drove the introduction of dependency injection in Magento. I […]

“PHP Namespaces as flawed” NOT! (Quick Note)

@VinaiKopp tweeted about an old post “PHP namespaces are flawed” by @pornelski. I don’t agree with many of the points, Vinai asked why, too long for a tweet response so here is a quick blog post instead. I will start off saying a lot of the following is formed from my experiences from Java, but […]

Performance Analysis with Z-ray in Zend Server 7

Zend Server 7 was released last week which includes Z-ray, a performance analysis tool. (Think X-ray vision.) I have done my fair share of performance analysis over the years in C/C++ and Java, so was curious to see how good the tools around are for PHP. So here are my experiences after a few days of […]

ImageMagick PHP Windows installation pain

I am not a PHP expert, but I was having a play with the latest Magento 2 code drop on GitHub.  I thought I would share some little experiences in case helpful to anyone else. I have Windows 7 on my laptop, so I am running XAMPP for my stack. I had an older installation with […]