Livescribe Mac 1.0 desktop is released – on time

Well, its just before midnight March 3rd, and I just got mail saying the Mac 1.0 desktop is out.  So they made their revised release date!  By less than an hour.  (Ok, so I am in Australia which is many hours ahead of the US – but who cares about such details?)

I could not find a press release on the web site (update: one is available now), but the email indicated that the release should bring it pretty well on par with the Windows desktop.  There was a post in the forums with more details.  (The Forum had an old posting talking about coming features here.)  No indication of anything beyond the Windows desktop though.  That is, not hidden bonuses – just hopefully a now fully featured and stable platform for Mac users.  Hmmm – there was a comment about sharing content on FaceBook – I wonder if that is something new.

Still no news on the desktop application model (sigh).

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  1. Hi Alan,
    we put the user manual up on our blog. I also have the release notes if you’re interested.


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