LiveScribe application store (beta) on home page!

Well, it looks like the LiveScribe online store (where you can buy apps for your digital LiveScribe pen) is a step closer. If you go to, there is a “beta” application store now there. It said I needed to upgrade to the 2.0 desktop to use it (note: my 1.7 desktop did not report any updates available), so I tried to downloaded 2.0 and give it a whirl.  But it failed to install for me.  I believe this is due to the virus checking software I have.  It can pause the system while its checking, making it look like to a downloader that network traffic has stopped.  (I have the same problem with big downloads with a standard web browser.)  End result is I cannot try it out myself yet. Sigh!

Back to the store, I think the store “beta” label is valid.  The store looks pretty slick, but it bombed out the first time I accessed the page with a “whoops!” message.  I am sure there will be a few quirks to sort out.   Second time to access same page worked without error, but without the 2.0 desktop I have not tried to complete a purchase etc.  I believe you need the 2.0 desktop installed to install purchased applications.

I noticed there are a 20+ apps in the store already.  Many from LiveScribe, but many from others as well.  Some free (including one “free for a few days” app).  So worth checking out quickly if you want to get whatever free apps you can.  Apps cannot access the desktop yet, so functionality is still limited, but still a great step forward.

Now I just have to wait until the 2.0 desktop actually installs for me!

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