Daily Archives: February 1, 2010

LiveScribe Penlets and buttons, dynamic regions, and AreaIds

A common thing for a LiveScribe pen penlet (pen application) to do is require the user to draw a button that they can later tap on.  Its sort of funky in a way – making the printed page “active”.  The standard “piano” application is one example of this (tap notes to play a tune) and […]

LiveScribe penlet timers

This is a quick post on timers in a LiveScribe pen penlet (pen application).  I had asked in the forums about how to track the pen position as it moved across the page.  The following is my take on the response I got. Sample Code In this case, I am going to start with code […]

LiveScribe Penlet accepting input using states

A common question that comes up on the forum is how to wait for user input.  The answer is Penlets don’t wait for more input – they react to events. (The following post is a massaged version of this thread on the forums.) Consider a simple penlet where you want to ask the user to […]