Thomas the Tank Engine home movies on YouTube

My boys love Thomas the Tank engine, and now have a reasonably good set of the wooden railway.  They make up various tracks almost daily, and tear them again just as quickly.  For fun, I made a couple of YouTube videos based on some recent tracks.  I was hoping to get them interested in the creative side of making short movies.  But they were more interested in seeing what tracks other kids had done on YouTube – they had almost no interest in the videos based on their own tracks!  Oh well!

If you want to see the videos, there is one on Mighty Mac (more Bash, Dash and Ferdinand actually) and one on Duncan.  Having seen some of the other videos with 6 million (!!!) views, I thought there might be some interest.  After the first weekend I was up to… 10 views.  Hmmm. Maybe I will keep my day job after all!

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