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eBay turnaround article on NYTimes

I am always careful about commercial in confidence stuff, which is why I like pointing to other articles. This one was a nice one on the eBay turnaround from the New York Times. And yes I do work for eBay and am probably biased as a result. Full steam ahead!

My View of the Microsoft Stack Ranking article doing the rounds

The article on Microsoft stack ranking certainly made its rounds around the office.  I am no HR expert, but some of the content was not consistent with my understanding and VERY limited experience with stack ranking.  So I thought I would go out on a limb and comment in public. Eichenwald’s conversations reveal that a […]

How I use my Digital Capturx Pen

I have a particular way I work with a standard pen and notebook.  With my work I meet with lots of people.  I frequently have questions I need answers for, and want to collect them for the next meeting.  I also have my own action items, as well as notes I keep for important meetings.  […]

Capturx with Microsoft OneNote versus LiveScribe – First Impressions

[Editor’s note Oct 2013: This article was originally written July 2012.  LiveScribe have released a new pen with WiFi support and EverNote integration. I have not looked closely at this new LiveScribe pen, but a quick look makes it seem like pen is getting more solid on the software front. I still don’t find the […]

Microplace – portfolios that change the world

Another little gem I just came across.  PayPal has a subsidiary “Microplace” ( for micro businesses loans.  (I assume this is a bit of a play on “marketplace” from the “eBay Marketplaces” business.)  It allows you to invest money where the money is used as a low interest loan to help less fortunate individuals get […]