Monthly Archives: June 2012

An unexpected drop in… do you know your golfers?

Do you know who won the US Masters (golf) in 2012?  This photo I took earlier today is a clue, and it’s not Devin Wenig on the left (President of Global Ebay Marketplaces). Want a not so subtle clue?  Try reading here. Ok, lets get a blatant name drop in!  Bubba Watson dropped in on […]

New green eBay data center

Ebay has been doing a lot of work in more efficient data centers. Just announced is work for a new data center that will be offsetting 100% of the carbon foot print. See for details.

PayPal POS – how to register

You can use your PayPal account now at a number of department stores. But when I tried it failed. What I had missed is you have to enable your account first. It took me a little while to find it, so I thought I would share the URL – You can use your phone […]

eBay shares value estimated at $55?

I am no share market expert, but as an employee and shareholder I certainly hope this estimation is right! 😉

Why Cassini at eBay is not “yet another search engine”

While I am still (relatively) new to eBay, I can see eBay has been, and is continuing to, change into a technology company. That is, more and more focus is being put on technology as a means to enable innovation rather than just a means to keep the business running. Lots of work has been […]

eBay versus Facebook share price potential

I am completely biased of course working for eBay, but I liked this article a friend pointed out. Sounds better than Facebook! Ok, so that is not hard at the moment. Being rated as a better buy than Amazon was nice though.