How Great Leaders Communicate

This article on “How Great Leaders Communicate” I thought interesting.  Towards the end it says “what shapes morale the most is employees’ conviction that they are working for the best company in their field”.  How true this is!

One of my challenges in coming from Australia to Silicon Valley is the difficulty of recruiting top people.  With companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple not far away, there is a lot of competition around.  In the past eBay for a while did not have a reputation as being the best compared to these other companies.  eBay however has been making a lot of progress here in recent years – but it does seem to need years to get the message out that that company is on the move again.  I think perception is moving in a positive way, but it has a way to go yet.  And eBay has to earn that reputation.  The goods is I strongly believe that things are now heading in the right direction, at speed.

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  1. Similar topic. I liked the way the speaker explains the why, how and what.

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