Monthly Archives: January 2014

Fail Fast and Agile

“Fail Fast” can be a really useful technique.  There is a Wikipedia description and a famous software engineering article.  But I am going to talk here about “fail fast” with respect to Agile. In “The Art of Agile Development” there is a chapter on Fail Fast.  It starts out It may seem obvious, but failure […]

SOAP versus REST (opinion piece)

SOAP versus REST. Which is better? The politically correct answer of course, as always, “it depends”. But that is not what I think – REST is best. On the surface, SOAP has benefits such as it can have a lot more complex data structure submitted as a request compared to REST. REST normally has a […]

Quality and Process Drive Execution and Innovation

Personally, I am a big believer in quality.  I am also a big believer in process.  Why?  I think both improve execution speed (which translated means getting to do more of the fun stuff).  How does it help? Quality: A concept I like is Shu-Ha-Ri. It is from Karate and talks about when to follow […]

Giving Feedback

Giving feedback is very valuable. It helps people grow and situations improve. Keeping quiet and saying nothing when you see something wrong is not good. But it can be a challenge to give the feedback constructively, just as it can be a challenge to be strong enough to receive feedback. How to Give Feedback Check […]