Monthly Archives: February 2014

Building a School in India, and the Indiegogo platform

Looking for a hosted solution to raising funds?  I just came across  I am going to keep writing on how Magento can build a web site for raising funds, but you should definitely consider whether you can just leverage an existing platform. How did I come across this particular platform?  From Dean Nelson (VP @ […]

eBay Small Business Challenge Non-profit edition Austin Tx

I came across this YouTube video talking about some great work from the eBay Austin TX office.  Nice! “eBay Inc. employees spend 10% of their time over 6 months working with Austin non-profits. Employees brought technical, business analysis, program management, and marketing skills to partner with 6 Austin non-profits.” There were a few other related […]

Three Strategies to Drive Accountability and Execution

I came across the following some time back – sorry, I cannot locate the original attribution.  But I thought worth sharing regardless as a follow-up to my recent posts on Feedback Loops, Accountability, and Execution. Accountability is the heart of execution. And if you’re trying to make that heart pump a little harder and move […]

Magento for Charities – Virtual Products

In a previous post (Charity Site Design Considerations) I described a few patterns I had seen for charity or not-for-profit sites. My favorite sites listed specific items that supporters could choose to fund. I was curious to see how Magento could be used to support such sites, so this is the first of a few […]

Feedback Loops and Measurement

I like writing code.  I don’t really like administrative overheads and updating systems like Jira (or Rally or VersionOne or…).  But I know they are important and necessary.  Given that, I like to get the most out of them I can. Management needs systems like Jira on Agile Scrum projects to track progress and roll […]

Procedural Justice

One of my favorite books is called “Blue Ocean Strategy”.  It is a marketing book on how to position strategies, but fun to read because of all the examples. From Chapter 8: ›Social scientists John W. Thibaut and Laurens Walker combined interest of psychology of justice with the study of process ›Created: Procedural Justice ›- […]

Innovation without Execution is Futile

A few weeks back I blogged on Quality and Process Drive Execution and Innovation. When I went back to read it again, I realized I did not express the relationship between Execution and Innovation quite right. At the end of last year during the eBay leaders week, one session struck me in particular. Devin Wenig (President […]