Monthly Archives: November 2014

Another reason to build responsive sites? (Quick note)

There is a lot of talk about the benefits of responsive sites. This might be old news, but I just came across another little use case I had not noticed before. I was browsing around and came across a reference to a company. I was curious where it was so I brought it up in […]

Dear Magento Community – Thank You!

Coming from Australia a few years back, I know Thanks Giving is an American thing. I also know Magento is a truly international product. But it seemed a good time to say a quick “thank you” to the community for all the feedback and support so far. I am relatively new to Magento compared to many (around a […]

Magento 2 Roadmap Through to GA

Wondering what is coming for Magento 2 through to GA? Here is a high level (unofficial) summary. Disclaimer: This blog does not constitute official communication and does not necessarily reflect that of my employer. And even if this was official, the plan would be subject to change without notice. We are using Agile after all! […]

Is It Useful to Categorize Modules?

Is it useful to categorize modules? Would it make Magento easier to understand? I have been working with the tech writers recently on the Magento 2 documentation and how to get concepts across in the clearest way possible which got me thinking about how to describe modules in a better way than a flat list […]

Want to Help Remove Modules from Magento 2? (Quick Note)

“I secretly wish Magento dropped the newsletter functionality entirely. It’s misleading merchants to think its suitable for email marketing” – Ashley Schroder ‏@aschroder. Ok, so let’s ignore the bit about publicly tweeting a secret wish (!!) and talk about how this can be achieved. But before I do so, another relevant tweet in response. “Have suggested that […]

Reporting Magento 2 Issues (Quick Note)

“If I’d known a simple message was all that was needed, I would have done this myself” was a recent comment on GitHub. (I had copied the content of some tweets into GitHub. And yes, it was an issue we needed to dig into.) So just to make it clear. If you find a bug and […]

Is PHPNG vs HHVM the Right First Question? (Quick Note)

I am the first to admit I am not a PHP expert. I don’t have the same depth of PHP knowledge and experience than many others do. There has been a lot of discussion about PHPNG vs HHVM and which is faster. As I see it PHPNG is not here yet, so until then its interesting […]