Monthly Archives: April 2015

Declarative vs Imperative Layout Files in Magento

Layout files can be a love/hate relationship. They are both powerful and complex. In this post I explore the difference between declarative and imperative styles of designing layout files (with a particular focus on Magento 2) and the pros and cons of the two approaches. The View Element Tree This blog is intended for those […]

Use of “localhost” when installing Magento 2 (Quick Note)

I never quite understood why using localhost as the host name did not work with Magento, for example when developing on your laptop Using works, but localhost does not. For a while I thought it was some weird Magento restriction I did not understand, but the penny finally dropped when someone explained it (again) to me recently. has […]

Imagine Commerce 2015 – A Quick Personal Reflection

Imagine 2015 is done. For me it was a great chance to catch up with friends, meet new ones, and just be reminded how big Magento and the community is. For me particular memories include MageTalk in the keynote (I wish I had a photo of that Karate Kid kick by Phillip! — Update: I just […]

A Foray into Spark and Scala

Apache Spark is a new wave in Big Data computing, an alternative to technologies such as Hadoop. I was recently watching someone analyze log files of image URL requests using shell scripts to create a MySQL database and thought it might be an interesting exercise to try it in Spark as well. Hadoop versus Spark So what […]