Imagine Commerce 2015 – A Quick Personal Reflection

IMG_6979Imagine 2015 is done. For me it was a great chance to catch up with friends, meet new ones, and just be reminded how big Magento and the community is.

For me particular memories include MageTalk in the keynote (I wish I had a photo of that Karate Kid kick by Phillip! — Update: I just found it on YouTube!), long corridors, sore feet, Twitter craziness, and a spectacular location. A special highlight was joint winners Marius and Fabrizio of the pioneer award. You if have even gone to the Magento stack exchange site you must have bumped into Marius, and if you have not seen all the AOE tools Fabrizio has developed it’s definitely worth the time.

Thank you especially to those who said “hi” and how much they appreciated these blog posts. It really is appreciated. I got a bit behind on blog posts with preparation for Imagine as well as not wanting to steal any thunder from presentations at Imagine. I plan to correct this and start getting a few more posts out over the coming weeks.

Imagine 2015 PoolThanks also to those who attended the day 1 Magento 2 deep dive and then to all the extra bar camp sessions. Thanks for listening, asking questions, and helping make Magento 2 the best it can be by GA.

A few people asked why I did not present at the conference. Simple reason – we had better experts, the people building the real code. My thanks to them all for doing such a great job of presenting (remember they are developers, not trained presenters, and most were not presenting in their native language). So thanks all!

Hopefully the event also helped people understand that eBay enterprise is truly dedicated to keeping Magento open and understands the value of the community.

Oh, and finally, I hope it helped to repeat that Magento 2 GA is going to be on time for Q4 this year. The date is not moving! Imagine 2015 Ted

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