Monthly Archives: July 2015

Creating a New REST Web Service in Magento 2

In this post I work through a working example of how to create a new REST web service in Magento 2. My goal is to show how easy it is define a new RESTful service. The examples start with a simple integers, moves on to arrays, then ends with a more complex data type to […]

Personal Reflections on the Indonesian Ecommerce Market

I recently went to Indonesia to visit some relatives and poked around in the ecommerce space a little while I was there. It was very interesting to see the visible progress in ecommerce within the country since my last trip, although there is also clearly a lot of progress still to be made. This post is […]

The Dreaded 70% and 98% Magento 2 Install Pauses (Quick Note)

You are installing the Magento 2 Merchant Beta (sweet!) with the Luma Store sample data, and the web installer pauses at 70%. Is it dead you wonder? For me, I waited and it got past this step and continued onwards. But then I hit the 98% pause. I waited. I waited a bit longer. Ummm. […]