Monthly Archives: September 2015

Improving PHP Support for Dependency Injection

Most modern frameworks support Dependency Injection, including Symfony, Zend 2, and of course Magento 2. One of the criticisms of Magento 2 has been the extra code volume it has created compared to Magento 1. (It is the same problem in other frameworks – it is highlighted in Magento 2 because there is a direct […]

The Retail Associate Platform tablet app

Recently I moved office to the same building as some of the Magento Retail Commerce (MRC) team. I have been learning more about the Magento Point-of-Service (MPOS) application (formerly known as the Retail Associate Platform, RAP) recently and thought it would be interesting to share. Disclaimer: This is my understanding from a few conversations – some of the […]

The Post GA Relationship between the GitHub and Composer Repositories (Quick Note)

I get the occasional question about the relationship between GitHub and the Composer repository in Magento 2. This may be obvious to some, but I thought I would send this out as a quick clarification. Development First, the developer view of the world. GitHub is for exploration and contribution. If a developer wants to […]