Monthly Archives: October 2015

Magento 2 Extension Experience (Quick Note)

This is just a quick preview of the likely experience for extension developers who wish to list their extensions (or themes) on the new Magento Connect (TNMC). A part of this is describing how the Magento 2 installation wizard interacts with Composer. Official documentation is coming – this post is just to give a super […]

XML Schema Resolution in PHP Storm with URNs (Quick Note)

In a recent Magento 2 code drop into the develop branch on GitHub, support was added for allowing Composer installed modules to stay in the ‘vendor’ directory rather than be copied to ‘app/code’. This however caused problems with XSD references in XML files that used relative paths, as the module could be in different directories […]

Magento 2 Version Numbering Update

I have written previously on version numbering for Magento 2 and the relationship between GitHub and Composer – this post provides a level deeper on what we are planning to take effect at Magento 2 GA (“real soon now”). Feedback, especially from extension developers, appreciated. The Problem There are a number of challenges that Magento […]