Monthly Archives: February 2016

Magento 2 Project Directory Structure Thoughts (Quick Note)

There have been a number of questions about “what is the best way to set up source code management for a Magento 2 project”. We try to keep things open, so people can do what makes most sense for their own project, but here is what I have been doing recently for my personal “play” […]

Windows + Docker + LiveReload + Gulp + Magento 2 (Quick Note)

I am writing this down before I forget! In a previous post I got Gulp working inside a Docker container with Magento 2. But I left out the minor detail that I was still struggling to get the Chrome LiveReload extension working. Reading all the reviews, half said “works fantastic” and other half said “does […]

Noodlings on Docker for Development in Magento 2 (Quick Note)

If you follow my blog, you will have seen I was doing some recent exploration of Gulp. You may also know I am quite interested in Docker. So it was interesting to try them out together. For Docker, you can have files located in the container. But I frequently blow the container away and start […]

Magento 2 Marketplace Upload Validation Tool (Quick Note)

Magento Marketplace is going through beta testing before opening up more widely. One area that has become clear is the need for a tool to help with verifying the packaging of extensions before submission. This blog post is a preview into this tool so extension developers can try it out today and provide feedback. In doing […]