Monthly Archives: March 2016

M2 Project Source Code Management Recommendation

In this post I describe the proposed Magento 2 recommendation for managing the source code of a Magento 2 project. Proposed, because this is my unofficial blog; recommendation, because there is no requirement to follow this approach. But I have some more blogs coming shortly that assume this approach. tl;dr: We ship a ‘.gitignore’ file […]

Vagrant Box for M2 Development (Quick Note)

I sometimes get asked “so what do the internal Magento developers use when developing?” We do not mandate a particular approach, but there is an unofficial Vagrant box that a number of the internal developers use now. Alex made it public, but it might not be well known: “Hey, Alan! I though you were a Docker […]

Creating a Kindle Book using Microsoft Word (Quick Note)

Amazon provides a tool called “kindlegen” for creating a Kindle book from a Microsoft Word document. There is also a previewer so you can test your book before publishing. In a nutshell, you keep your Word styles relatively simple, save as “Web Page, Filtered” (this strips out more of the Microsoft specific markup), and run kindlegen […]