Moving Magento DevBlog

Dear followers, in case you had not noticed, Magento has launched an official developer blog in the forums, and so most of my work related blogs will be going there now. I may do the occasional more “out there” blogs here still, but if you want to keep up with the latest from the Magento development team, please refer to Magento DevBlog from now on.

For example, I just posted a blog post there on how entitlements work under the covers between the Magento Composer repository and the Marketplace. What is more exciting for myself is we are getting more of the core team writing posts and publishing there as well! Keep an eye out for future posts on various technical aspects of Magento.

My personal blog is not going anywhere, but if you are following for Magento technical news, please refer to the Magento DevBlog from now on instead.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Alan!

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