Amazon Echo 2?

Last November there were rumors of an Amazon Echo 2 coming with a 7 inch touch screen. I’m not sure I want one. I want one with a 20 inch screen instead! Wall mounted.

Is 20 inches too big? For me I want to load up my family photos as well – so its a personalized picture frame when not in use, and a device when I activeate it. So I want it painting-on-the-wall size.

One of the things I love about voice control is I can do it from across the room. Personally, I don’t want to walk over to the device to control it. I want a nice big screen to see across the room as well. And a touch screen? I can see the benefits, but why not voice selection of oprions presented on the screen?

Voice by itself has a problem. “Add tissues to shopping list” is easy to say, but there different types and sizes of tissues. My previous order could be remembered, but I have bought different types of tissues (e.g. Travelers packs versus for in the house). What I really want is a fast way to chose between the most likely options. The advantage of a screen over voice listing off options is its much faster to see the most likely options and use voice to select one. Preferably across the kitchen without having to get physically close to the Echo.

So, yes, I can see an Echo with a screen is a useful device. But personally, I look forward to a nice big screen, or maybe a HDMI port out of the back of the Echo.

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