Windows PowerShell, Control-Z, and Kitematic

I quite like Kitematic for Docker. Its marked as “legacy” so it may go away one day, but until then it provides a nice GUI to spin up containers, launch a web browser pointing to your container, and so on. (I use it on Windows.)

But there has been one thing bugging me. When I hit the “Exec” button on Windows it starts up a PowerShell for the terminal emulator, and if I ever hit CTRL-Z (suspend process in Linux) it closed the whole window. I trying searching, but no mention of this strange control-Z behavior that I could find anywhere.

Finally I worked out a workaround. When right clicking on the title bar of the PowerShell window, the first tab for the properties is “Options”. By selecting the “legacy” mode, ^Z no longer exits the window and all is good!

No more disappearing windows for me!

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