Get Followers for Your Local Business from Google Maps

Do you want to get followers for your business in your local area? Want to share updates with them about new products just in or special deals to drive more foot traffic to your business? You might want to check out some of the recent enhancements to Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free tool that provides an easy way to get your business listed on Google Maps and Search, including information about opening hours, contact details, and website link. This alone makes it worthwhile for anyone owning a business where you want people to find you. Google My Business is available via a web browser or as an app for Android and iOS.

As well as basic store information, the app also allows you to create a simple web site and share information about special events, new products, or weekly specials. This can be helpful to attract visitors who search on Google. You can quickly add photos and create simple posts directly from a phone. It’s also a great way to let your customers know if you are closed for special holidays.

More advanced features are also available such as to allow customers you messages or respond to customer reviews customer/merchant messaging (if enabled by the merchant) and customer reviews with merchant responses.

But there have been a few new features released recently that make the app even more valuable. Businesses owners can build an audience, see their followers in the app, and more actively send their audience updates they want to share. (As I write this article, the “follow” button is not available on all platforms yet.)

For more information, check out these TechCrunch posts on recent Google My Business and Google Maps changes.

Disclaimer: I work at Google, focussing on web e-commerce.


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