Know Thy Customer

It is kinda an obvious statement – know your customers to make sure you deliver them what they need and value. Building a great business is not just about adopting the latest technology, but relevant technologies can help build better experiences.

I was reading a case study from JH on a site built using Magento’s PWA Studio. I know they put a lot of their own effort into it as an early adopter, but a 300% speed improvement is a nice result to see! If you follow the link from their article to the site, it does feel snappy jumping around pages on the site, so I do think there is more than just “the old site was probably terrible”. 

Fast sites are nicer to use for people trying to get a job done and on with their life. Shoppers value site speed. (This is a hardware site so I am assuming they don’t get many users who just browse around to admire the products… but hey! What do I know!)

But snuck in at the end I think is another important reminder on the importance of understanding your customers and their needs. “Most recently we introduced bulky deliveries, allowing the website to send orders to local branches, who then send out a flatbed truck — this doubled transactions overnight.” Technology is great, but understanding your customers trumps all.


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