My predictions for 2021 ecommerce

So what will be important in ecommerce in 2021?

  • Is it faster web sites with better Core Web Vitals metrics?
  • Do I need to do a better job of WebPack for my JavaScript assets?
  • REST? GraphQL?
  • React? Next.js? Vue? Angular? Tailwind CSS?
  • Ecommerce platforms? Content management platforms? Bespoke applications?
  • How about image optimization. Is that still a challenge?
  • Improved SEO? Ecommerce focussed SEO?
  • Better payment flows?
  • Reducing payment complexity? Increasing payment options for customers?
  • Subscriptions? Affiliate programs? Influencer programs?
  • Drop shipping?
  • Discounts? Coupons? Sales? Flash sales?
  • Video and live streaming?
  • Social commerce?
  • Solving the upcoming challenge on privacy and tracking?
  • Identity management in browsers?
  • Having my own site? Selling on multiple marketplaces?
  • QR codes for offline to online transitions?
  • Super apps and mini apps?
  • Headless content models?
  • Simplified all-in-one solutions?
  • Small businesses? Large businesses?
  • Themes? Custom UX design?
  • Faster shipping? More cost effective shipping?
  • Local focus? Global focus?
  • AR experiences to explore products without visiting a store?
  • Kiosks?
  • Will COVID still be an issue?
  • Email campaigns? Ads? New customer acquisition? Customer retention?
  • Reviews? Ratings? User generated content?


One comment

  1. Oh, my… gonna be a busy year!

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