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Magento Shared Services

Magento 2 Digital Commerce (the traditional Magento web store) and Commerce Order Management (a SaaS offering from Magento) communicate using JSON over AMQP. This post describes some initial messages we support and our plans to open up the protocol to the wider partner and potentially extension developer ecosystem. Digital Commerce? Commerce Order Management? Huh? Magento […]

My Goals to Imagine

Not as cool as, but I was reflecting on some personal goals to get done by Imagine. Note, I am not doing all the real work myself, but I at least wanted to raise awareness so can discuss with anyone interested at Imagine. Lots of things coming together! For lower end merchants E-book for […]

M2 Project Source Code Management Recommendation

In this post I describe the proposed Magento 2 recommendation for managing the source code of a Magento 2 project. Proposed, because this is my unofficial blog; recommendation, because there is no requirement to follow this approach. But I have some more blogs coming shortly that assume this approach. tl;dr: We ship a ‘.gitignore’ file […]

Magento 2 Project Directory Structure Thoughts (Quick Note)

There have been a number of questions about “what is the best way to set up source code management for a Magento 2 project”. We try to keep things open, so people can do what makes most sense for their own project, but here is what I have been doing recently for my personal “play” […]

Windows + Docker + LiveReload + Gulp + Magento 2 (Quick Note)

I am writing this down before I forget! In a previous post I got Gulp working inside a Docker container with Magento 2. But I left out the minor detail that I was still struggling to get the Chrome LiveReload extension working. Reading all the reviews, half said “works fantastic” and other half said “does […]

Noodlings on Docker for Development in Magento 2 (Quick Note)

If you follow my blog, you will have seen I was doing some recent exploration of Gulp. You may also know I am quite interested in Docker. So it was interesting to try them out together. For Docker, you can have files located in the container. But I frequently blow the container away and start […]

Magento 2 Marketplace Upload Validation Tool (Quick Note)

Magento Marketplace is going through beta testing before opening up more widely. One area that has become clear is the need for a tool to help with verifying the packaging of extensions before submission. This blog post is a preview into this tool so extension developers can try it out today and provide feedback. In doing […]

Gulp et al in Magento 2

This blog describes a proposal of how you can use Gulp with Magento 2 today. It requires extension developers to do CSS in a particular way which is not currently recommended/documented. Feedback welcome to help determine if the approach is appropriate to turn into official policy. The Scope There are bigger questions – why use Less […]

CSS and Tooling in Magento 2 (Quick Note)

This post is a collection of thoughts and ideas around CSS development in Magento 2. It is triggered by several background activities: Magento 2 has Grunt support, but we get a lot of feedback that they would like Gulp support. For example, I am (in my spare time) currently writing a book on CSS […]

Microservices and Magento (Quick Note)

Firebear Studio published an interesting blog on Magento and Microservices. You might like to go read it first at Microservices In eCommerce And Magento | FireBear Blog. I thought I would give a quick possible way forward for Magento to see what others think. (There is no commitment to do any of this at this […]