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Magento 2 Extension Experience (Quick Note)

This is just a quick preview of the likely experience for extension developers who wish to list their extensions (or themes) on the new Magento Connect (TNMC). A part of this is describing how the Magento 2 installation wizard interacts with Composer. Official documentation is coming – this post is just to give a super […]

Magento 2 REST API Swagger Schema

One of many goals for Magento 2 has been to improve the web-based APIs (REST and SOAP). Well, another cool step forward here has just been made – you can now request a JSON Schema listing all the REST URLs supported by your site. (WSDL files for SOAP APIs are already supported.) Fetching the Schema […]

Improving Page Speed in Magento 2

Okay, I should probably wait until the code is released and official numbers are in, but I just got an exciting update on some work in progress relating to improving page speed in Magento 2. Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are mine and not necessarily those of my employer. The figures shown are also […]

Behind the Recent Magento 2 GitHub Changes

Big News! We have improved our GitHub interaction processes as a part of the Magento 2 developer beta launch to make it easier to accept community contributions. Ok, its no longer new news, but its important enough to repeat! Ben Marks published a recent blog on how to contribute to Magento 2. In this post […]

Magento 2, Composer, and Dependence on it (Quick Note)

The original design goal when we introduced Composer was for a Magento site not to depend on Composer. The goal was to allow a site to be constructed with or without Composer. It was also so we could move Magento to any new packaging system that came along later without the code base being overly tied to […]

Want to Help Remove Modules from Magento 2? (Quick Note)

“I secretly wish Magento dropped the newsletter functionality entirely. It’s misleading merchants to think its suitable for email marketing” – Ashley Schroder ‏@aschroder. Ok, so let’s ignore the bit about publicly tweeting a secret wish (!!) and talk about how this can be achieved. But before I do so, another relevant tweet in response. “Have suggested that […]

Is PHPNG vs HHVM the Right First Question? (Quick Note)

I am the first to admit I am not a PHP expert. I don’t have the same depth of PHP knowledge and experience than many others do. There has been a lot of discussion about PHPNG vs HHVM and which is faster. As I see it PHPNG is not here yet, so until then its interesting […]

Meet Magento 2014 New York – a Personal Summary

Meet Magento 2014 New York was the first Meet Magento conference on US soil. The following is my summary of the talks I attended (mainly the technical track). Please note, the following may contain errors – it is always safer to go the original source. This summary is only to help you judge which ones […]

Magento 2 Demo on Docker and Panamax

I had a question – is Docker useful to demonstrate Magento 2 progress? Magento 2 updates are pushed weekly to GitHub so the code is available, but is it useful making it easier for people to run the code? In practice what may be of more interest showing the installation steps used, knowing that they […]