An unexpected drop in… do you know your golfers?

Do you know who won the US Masters (golf) in 2012?  This photo I took earlier today is a clue, and it’s not Devin Wenig on the left (President of Global Ebay Marketplaces).

Want a not so subtle clue?  Try reading here.

Ok, lets get a blatant name drop in!  Bubba Watson dropped in on an eBay meeting Devin was hosting today that I was in.  I believe the drop in was unplanned – I think Bubba was visiting eBay regarding eBay support for his charity work.  Ebay has a celebrity page on Bubba and his charity cause (cancer research for children).  Bubba has a personal tie to cancer research, so why not consider donating?  Its a great cause.

For me, its another great aspect of eBay.  Ebay does a number of charity events, the auction of a lunch with Warren Buffett being one of the famous ones.  Ebay is doing world leading work to make its new data centers green as well.  (I picked out a few links – Google is your friend to find some better ones!)  But I must admit it does raise my pride in eBay knowing it supports such ventures.

And the topic immediately after the unexpected visit of an international celebrity?  Planning processes!

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