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Crossing the Chasm

“Crossing the Chasm” was a book first published in 1991 and talks about the types of customers in different phases in the life of a technology product. The different segments of customers have different profiles: Innovators are techies. They love technical complexity and being at the forefront of cool new technology. They probably like the […]

Principles of Continuous Delivery

A colleague, Ritesh Triveli, showed this to me some time back. I like it so much, I decided to copy and paste it verbatim here. Extract from Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation by Jez Humble and David Farley. 8 Principles of Continuous Delivery The process for releasing/deploying software MUST […]

Reminder of the Value of Deployment Automation

Some time back I came across an article “5 things Amazon taught me about deployment automation.” It does not say anything radically new, but gives some good examples of why deployment automation (including quality automation) is good. Oh, and this is *nothing* about how Amazon does deployment automation – they just use the end-user Amazon […]

Continuous Delivery versus Frequent Releases

Continuous delivery and more traditional versioned releases are close, but a little different. In this post I dig into some of the practical details and issues that different between the approaches. There is no rocket science in this post – just summarizing knowledge gained from practical experience. Continuous Delivery In continuous delivery, the idea is […]

Magento for Charities – Grouped Products and Cross Sells

I previously wrote about how in Magento Virtual Products would work well for a site supporting a school in Africa. Supporters (“Customers” in Magento retail terminology) can donate (“buy”) towards a selected item such as “pens and pencils” for a student. Grouped products go a little further. As well as listing several individual items on your […]

Continuous Delivery with Maven

Maven is not perfect, but it is very useful for its version dependency support when compiling Java programs. You specify the version of a jar file you want, and it will download the version from a repository and all transient dependencies as well. This encourages breaking a project up into smaller jar files, which can […]