Daily Archives: August 24, 2014

Magento 2 Demo on Docker and Panamax

I had a question – is Docker useful to demonstrate Magento 2 progress? Magento 2 updates are pushed weekly to GitHub so the code is available, but is it useful making it easier for people to run the code? In practice what may be of more interest showing the installation steps used, knowing that they […]

Installing Panamax on CoreOS (Quick Note)

Panamax can install in Virtual box but can also install directly on CoreOS instances. The main site does not include direct CoreOS installs as part of the standard installation. It is however explained on the wiki. Here are the commands I used (stealing from my previous sequence of commands for cygwin). core@coreos$ mkdir ~/.panamax core@coreos$ cd ~/.panamax core@coreos$ curl […]