Monthly Archives: May 2016

Magento Cloud and Magento Marketplace Walkthrough

This blog is a walkthrough at how Magento Cloud and Magento Marketplace can be used together. I put this together as an exploration of development flows and experiences, and to share a bit more about the two products for those interested. What I personally am particularly interested in is exploring the potential experience for low […]

Request for Extension Developer Feedback (Quick Note)

Magento has released a Release Candidate for 2.1. This post is a request for extension developer feedback on the process around this RC so we can learn and improve our processes. Here are example questions that we would like feedback on, but all other feedback welcome. Has it been useful to get a RC before […]

Magento 2 Community Project: Moving from Less to Sass

What! After all these endless debates Magento 2 might move from Less to Sass?! TL;DR: Yes. History One of the original reasons for selecting Less over Sass was at the time there was no PHP implementation of a Sass preprocessor. There was also no clear winner between Less and Sass in the market. While this […]

Determining Marketplace Package Names

With Magento Marketplace, you can purchase extensions and have them added to your personal Magento Marketplace Composer repository, hosted at Using this repository you can access all Composer packages you have permission to access. This includes all CE packages, possibly EE packages (if you have a license), and any specific extensions you have purchased. […]

Development Environment Approaches Update (Quick Note)

A few people asked me recently on progress on “development environments”, which I am currently looking into. This is just a quick update because tweets are too short – especially for me!!  There is not much new content here over previous posts. SDLC Phases Let’s first talk about the typical phases in development – the […]