Request for Extension Developer Feedback (Quick Note)

Magento has released a Release Candidate for 2.1. This post is a request for extension developer feedback on the process around this RC so we can learn and improve our processes.
Here are example questions that we would like feedback on, but all other feedback welcome.

  • Has it been useful to get a RC before final release?
  • Have we given sufficient time before GA to allow you to get your extension tested against the new release? Can we shorten it? Do we need to lengthen it?
  • Has sufficient supporting information been provided with the release? What information has been useful? What information is missing?
  • Where were the greatest problems with upgrading your extension?
  • What was your experience in updating your extension in the Marketplace? How can we improve it?

One example area that I am wondering about is for extensions that have not required any modification but require a new composer.json file to update the compatibility dependencies. Due to Composer repository caching, this will require at least a patch release of the extension to get the updated composer.json file. How was your experience to get your extension updated on the Marketplace?
Release 2.1 is the first upgrade using the new strategy. I am sure there will be potential for streamlining the process to get extensions updates available. The whole goal is to provide the smoothest upgrade experience for merchants (and the solution partners supporting them). Feel free to leave a comment on this post, or send me a direct message.
Thank you!


  1. Issue with 2.1RC to add custom EVA attribute for categories.

    In Magento CE 2.0.x we can add new attribute from Setup/InstallData.php by using below code:
    $eavSetup->addAttribute( \Magento\Catalog\Model\Category::ENTITY, ‘category_label’, [ ‘group’ => ‘Mega Menu’, ‘input’ => ‘text’, ‘type’ => ‘varchar’, ‘label’ => ‘Category Label’, ‘backend’ => ”, ‘visible’ => true, ‘required’ => false, ‘visible_on_front’ => true, ‘note’ => ‘Add label for category. Example “New”, “Hot”, “Sale”‘, ‘global’ => \Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Eav\Attribute::SCOPE_GLOBAL, ] );

    We develop a menu extension for Magneto2, and the extension work for Magento ce 2.0.x.
    but when we test in newest development version and 2.1RC, the method don’t work any more, we have open a case in Github on March, but it is still not solve by far, if we have new way to add EVA attribute?

    this is case open in github:

    1. Thanks – I will see what I can find out on this one.

  2. Alan, thanks I have found some clue, RC2.1 use form component for category, so it need to extend category_form.xml to add fieldset and field.

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