Google, ECommerce, and Me!

I am thrilled to announce, as of March 5th, I am joining Google as a Developer Advocate, focussing on the ecommerce space.

For me this is a bit of a dream job. There are so many fascinating technologies that Google is working on that are directly applicable to commerce both in the short and long term:

  • Web technologies such as PWA, AMP, and Web Payments APIs
  • Google Analytics for understanding your store performance
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for hosting
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning to get deeper insights from your data
  • Their work in VR and more importantly AR
  • Self driving cars for deliveries

In fact, I went down their publicly listed product offerings and more can be applied to commerce than not!

My role as Developer Advocate will be two-fold. Help bring knowledge from internal Google teams to the outside world for improving commerce on the web, and bringing back feedback to the internal teams to help shape decisions and product directions.

Got an opinion on how Google can help improve the space? Let me know! Want to learn more about an area? Drop a line and I see what I can do to help. Think there is a gap in the offering? I would love to hear it!

I plan to recommence blogging here more frequently on various Google technologies and their applicability to ecommerce, so keep your eyes on this blog. Fun days ahead for sure!


  1. Rustam Aliev · · Reply

    Congratulations Alan on your new endeavor!

  2. Congratulations Alan, they’re lucky to have you!

  3. Congrats Alan…!!!

  4. Congratulations with a dream job Alan! Magento community will miss you

  5. Best of luck in the new role, Alan! It sounds exciting and I’m sure we’ll continue to learn a lot from you!

  6. Hi Alan, congrats to your new position. Sounds really exciting! šŸ˜‰

  7. Congratulations Alan!

  8. zwolin · · Reply

    Congrats Alan! Google should be proud to have you on board!

  9. Congrats, ecommerce development is the trendy era of this time and google is spending a lot of time in evolving its business to support this era for growing its business, it is definitely a great opportunity for you to explore and learn a lot, hope this brings new achievements for you. Being a software consultant, have keen interest in these new web development trends, hope to stay in touch for some great conversations. Seeking knowledge…

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