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Why Cassini at eBay is not “yet another search engine”

While I am still (relatively) new to eBay, I can see eBay has been, and is continuing to, change into a technology company. That is, more and more focus is being put on technology as a means to enable innovation rather than just a means to keep the business running. Lots of work has been […]

eBay versus Facebook share price potential

I am completely biased of course working for eBay, but I liked this article a friend pointed out. Sounds better than Facebook! Ok, so that is not hard at the moment. Being rated as a better buy than Amazon was nice though.

Quick Note on the Pros and Cons of Changing Ranking Algorithms

Hugh Williams (disclaimer: my boss) has been posting a series on ranking.  Part 3 talked about testing new ranking formulas including the unfortunate fact that some people may see their items get lower rankings than before.  This negative stood out a little for me so I thought I would comment on it as to why […]

eBay in Oz

Being from Australia, I just came across a few articles talking about eBay in Australia.  There was an Online Business Index released in March 2012 that I suspect triggered a small flurry of articles.  For example: eBay sellers lack mobile commerce know-how at More Aussie businesses want to go mobile at E-tailing beast the […]

Is it 6 months already? (Life at eBay)

Wow.  Last night I got to attend a panel session and dinner with the eBay board.  Everyone in the room had to get up and say who they were and how long at eBay.  It struck me then it was 6 months already!  Doesn’t time fly. The eBay board by the way I found to […]

eBay – a few weeks on

The move with family to Silicon Valley to take up a position at eBay has been full on. Diving into work, which has been pretty fun to be honest. Lots of good people, lots of challenges, (lots of positions to be filled!!!) Interesting to see that programmers here are just like back home in Australia. […]

My new job at eBay

Well, I was not sure what was commercial in confidence before, but this article in The Register is where I am fitting in, in charge of the search back-end team looking after Cassini and Voyager. A big challenge, but exciting times and a great team. They have some great people there already and more joining […]