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Giving Feedback

Giving feedback is very valuable. It helps people grow and situations improve. Keeping quiet and saying nothing when you see something wrong is not good. But it can be a challenge to give the feedback constructively, just as it can be a challenge to be strong enough to receive feedback. How to Give Feedback Check […]

Humor – Computer version of Abbott and Costello skit

This is probably old, but hey – I came from the backwater of Australia! 😉  My sister sends me these sorts of things occasionally… You have to be old enough to remember Abbott and Costello, and too old to REALLY understand computers, to fully appreciate this. For those of us who sometimes get flustered by […]

How Great Leaders Communicate

This article on “How Great Leaders Communicate” I thought interesting.  Towards the end it says “what shapes morale the most is employees’ conviction that they are working for the best company in their field”.  How true this is! One of my challenges in coming from Australia to Silicon Valley is the difficulty of recruiting top […]

My View of the Microsoft Stack Ranking article doing the rounds

The article on Microsoft stack ranking certainly made its rounds around the office.  I am no HR expert, but some of the content was not consistent with my understanding and VERY limited experience with stack ranking.  So I thought I would go out on a limb and comment in public. Eichenwald’s conversations reveal that a […]

Thomas the Tank Engine home movies on YouTube

My boys love Thomas the Tank engine, and now have a reasonably good set of the wooden railway.  They make up various tracks almost daily, and tear them again just as quickly.  For fun, I made a couple of YouTube videos based on some recent tracks.  I was hoping to get them interested in the […]

Google App Engine versus Amazon Cloud

A quick comparison of the Google App Engine and Amazon’s EC2 models. Google App Engine is free to start out, no OS to manage (just deploy a WAR file), so less to look after – but less control. Amazon EC2 model is a box that you control down to the OS level and manage yourself.

End of a dark tunnel in sight!

Well, even dark tunnels do have an end! I have been absolutely swamped with work, but the end is in sight! Most notable recent news is the purchase of an iPhone. I plan to share some experiences with my iPhone and my almost three year old boy. It’s interesting to see how well he can […]