iPhone apps for preschool children

Some time back I moved all my reviews to a dedicated site, A Touch of Learning. Later I posted app suggestions using chomp.

I have two young boys that are precious and a lot of work. A friend once described children as “very”. Very tiring, very hard work, very rewarding. (You can add your own to this list I am sure.). Big-T was almost three as I started out, and little-J almost one. Both loved daddy’s iPhone.  What, give an expensive iPhone to a young child to destroy I hear you say? I only give it to them supervised when sitting on soft carpet. I have heard others giving it to them in the car – not far to drop. And my kids have never dropped it yet. On the contrary – prising the phone out of those tiny little fingers can be a real challenge!

They say “getting married does not change your life. Having kids – that’s what changes your life”. I say amen to that!!!

[Well its 2 years later as I write this post and they still love it. I have not updated my site for a while, so I am deleting the page I had and just leaving this post instead.]

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