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Recognizing Musical Chords using Ludef files on the LiveScribe pen

The LiveScribe pulse pen has built in handwriting recognition software.  Unfortunately its not very good unless your pen application (penlet) gives it a lexicon.  With a lexicon, it works pretty well – however when my lexicon reached 50,000+ lines I found out about a currently undocumented feature, Ludef files.  Ludef files are a grammar file […]

Good LiveScribe Penlet Design

The LiveScribe pen allows penlets (pen applications) to be written in J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) and deployed onto the pen.  There are not a lot of penlets around yet, so I thought I would share a few personal opinions on how to structure penlets well, based on early penlet writing experience (and years of […]

LiveScribe Developer Day Highlights (14 Jan 2010)

LiveScribe just had a developer day where LiveScribe talked to a number of topics.  Slides of the presentation are available here.  Highlights are: Partial results from a survey of LiveScribe users More details on on competition Roadmap of future features They even had a special guest – James Gosling of Java fame.  Applications on the […]

LiveScribe application store (beta) on home page!

Well, it looks like the LiveScribe online store (where you can buy apps for your digital LiveScribe pen) is a step closer. If you go to, there is a “beta” application store now there. It said I needed to upgrade to the 2.0 desktop to use it (note: my 1.7 desktop did not report […]

LiveScribe, 6 months on

Well I got a new laptop recently and finally got around to installing the LiveScribe pulse pen software on it.  I had not been to the LiveScribe developer forums for 6 months or so, so I thought I would check out to see if anything much had changed. “Platform SDK 1.0 is out” – that […]

LiveScribe Audio Recordings on an iPod

The LiveScribe pen records audio surprisingly well.  Better than a digitial voice recorder I bought a few months earlier.  It saves the files on the desktop as AAC files.  Unfortunately, the iPod does not accept these files.  People in the forums have reported success though converting the AAC files to MP3, then loading those files […]

Livescribe Mac 1.0 desktop is released – on time

Well, its just before midnight March 3rd, and I just got mail saying the Mac 1.0 desktop is out.  So they made their revised release date!  By less than an hour.  (Ok, so I am in Australia which is many hours ahead of the US – but who cares about such details?) I could not […]

Mac Desktop 1.0 release – take #2

LiveScribe Mac 1.0 desktop release now due out March 3rd, 2009.

LiveScribe secures $10 million in extra venture funding

LiveScribe released a press release a little back saying they had secured an extra $10 million in venture funding.  Wow!  Lets hope they put it to good use. It does raise the question on how well LiveScribe are going.   I have no concrete data.  They have lots of pen outlets (some major retail stores, like […]

The Highs and Lows of the LiveScribe Pulse digital pen

I bought myself a LiveScribe Pulse digital pen for Christmas.  I was tossing up between a pen and a new mobile phone.  I ended up getting the pen. Overall, I am happy with the pen.  It so far has captured everything I have written onto my computer, and allowed me to search through my written […]