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LiveScribe penlet timers

This is a quick post on timers in a LiveScribe pen penlet (pen application).  I had asked in the forums about how to track the pen position as it moved across the page.  The following is my take on the response I got. Sample Code In this case, I am going to start with code […]

LiveScribe Penlet accepting input using states

A common question that comes up on the forum is how to wait for user input.  The answer is Penlets don’t wait for more input – they react to events. (The following post is a massaged version of this thread on the forums.) Consider a simple penlet where you want to ask the user to […]

MIDI on the LiveScribe pen

I originally thought the LiveScribe pen could only play one note at a time. However, what I did not realize at the time was the pen supports JSR-135, which is a MIDI interface. MIDI is how computers can talk to devices like digital pianos, keyboards, drum kits etc. Using MIDI, chords can be played on […]

Recognizing Musical Chords using Ludef files on the LiveScribe pen

The LiveScribe pulse pen has built in handwriting recognition software.  Unfortunately its not very good unless your pen application (penlet) gives it a lexicon.  With a lexicon, it works pretty well – however when my lexicon reached 50,000+ lines I found out about a currently undocumented feature, Ludef files.  Ludef files are a grammar file […]

Good LiveScribe Penlet Design

The LiveScribe pen allows penlets (pen applications) to be written in J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) and deployed onto the pen.  There are not a lot of penlets around yet, so I thought I would share a few personal opinions on how to structure penlets well, based on early penlet writing experience (and years of […]

LiveScribe Developer Day Highlights (14 Jan 2010)

LiveScribe just had a developer day where LiveScribe talked to a number of topics.  Slides of the presentation are available here.  Highlights are: Partial results from a survey of LiveScribe users More details on on competition Roadmap of future features They even had a special guest – James Gosling of Java fame.  Applications on the […]

LiveScribe application store (beta) on home page!

Well, it looks like the LiveScribe online store (where you can buy apps for your digital LiveScribe pen) is a step closer. If you go to, there is a “beta” application store now there. It said I needed to upgrade to the 2.0 desktop to use it (note: my 1.7 desktop did not report […]