The End of LiveScribe App Development

Well, I must say I am not particular surprised, but LiveScribe seem to be giving up on an app store with third party app development.  They instead seem to be putting more into integrating with other popular systems (like EverNote).  At least they are planning to keep the store around for developers who have built an app.  But its not surprising to me in that I doubt it would be that profitable to run the store.  Lets face it, without a nice UI like an iPhone/Android phone, apps on a pen are going to generally be pretty niche.

I will leave my LiveScribe articles around a bit longer, but they are now officially ancient history and may disappear at any time.  Lets keep the internet a tidy place! Winking smile


  1. markus hecher · · Reply

    do you have an old version of the sdk? i am a student of software engineering at the university of technology in vienna. thx for your help.

  2. do you have an old version of the sdk? i am a CS PHD at the State University of New York. thx for your help.

    1. Sorry, no. I no longer have any of the files. I no longer have the laptop it was on. I don’t even have the play apps I wrote any more. The last of my knowledge and resources were in the posts I made.

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