Small Business Tip: Update Your COVID-19 Affected Opening Hours in Google My Business

If you are a small business and have had to change your store hours or temporarily close your store, remember to update your store hours in Google My Business. I personally recommend the app as an easy way to make such changes.

For example a local restaurant business near me has changed their hours and are now only available for take out. They shortened their hours as they no longer have people eating in.

The local Karate hall on the other hand closed completely during the current lock down. They plan to reopen when safe to do so, but not yet. So rather than adjusting hours, they would make their business as “temporarily closed”.

Each business needs to think carefully about what level of support do they wish to offer. For example, do they want to still accept returns or answer customer phone enquiries? Do they want to try selling online, maybe with a few products to start with. Even when stores are allowed to open, there may be some lag before people come back to shops in higher numbers which may making going online a more sensible long term play. (And yes, maybe I am biased!) It is worth thinking through possible variations before making a decision.

For COVID-19 related advice regarding Google My Business. please check the Google Help Center page “Businesses affected by COVID-19: Guidance on updating info and temporary closures“.

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