Small Business Tip: Can you go Virtual?

Have you ever thought about ways you could make your physical business go remote? Obviously with COVID-19 and stay-at-home guidance there is a market right now. But even after the restrictions are lifted, could it still be more convenient for your customers? Is the current situation a time to try going remote while there is greater demand to see if you can build a customer base?

flower-vase-png-image-with-transparent-backgroundFlower arranging lessons make more sense to me in person, going to a flower store so you have a wider range of flowers to select from for your creation. But I just heard an interesting story of a corporate team event where they got the same set of flowers sent to team members houses, then did the event together over video conferencing. Even with the same set of flowers each arrangement came out differently!

In this case they used Matilda’s Bloombox who deliver flowers to your home. While I have no personal experience with this company, it made me wonder how many other such remote business ideas make sense starting now while demand is higher? If you wait until after the stay-at-home guidance ends, would that reduce the potential audience size? Initial customer acquisition is a major challenge for new business ventures.

What do you think? A bloomin good idea? Or a weed for composting? (Okay, I will avoid future puns…)

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